Marists sXXI nº28


This publication wants to be a sample of what we are able to imagine and carry forward if we present ourselves with our hand in our hearts. From solidarity action to educational action and life commitment. He also wants to thank the closeness, the vigilance and efforts of all the people who in these times [...]



We offer you the 27th issue of our Marist magazine sXXI, a new opportunity to share our Marist life. More than 80 schools share the same mission and educational motto. I am obviously talking about our centres, Marist meeting places. Ours because without each of us they would have no meaning; teachers, families, [...]

Maristas Siglo XXI, no. 26


The exceptional situation imposed by the state of health alarm to fight the pandemic caused by COVID-19, will turn what we are living into a historic moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. And the little ones or those who have been born in this "covidficado" 2020 will study it with all security in [...]

Taking care of the common home


En la 25 Cumbre de las Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático organizada en Madrid aterrizaron 196 delegaciones y medio centenar de jefes de Estado. La COP25, "la más larga de la historia", según su presidenta, la chilena Carolina Schmidt nació fallida por la incapacidad de lograr acuerdos legalmente vinculantes que comprometieran a los países […]