Raquel lived an intense week ...


How to summarize these intense five days in a few lines... I begin by thanking enormously the Management Team of my center, who have allowed me to participate in these days for reception and secretarial staff. I have met 20 wonderful people, people with the same day to day work, with the same needs, concerns, etc. From [...]

A gift, Concha?


When the echoes of the voices of my classmates and organizers of the Marist Identity course still resonate in my ears and in my heart, I make a stop on this path that we Marists begin when we enter through the door of a school or a Marist social work and that already makes you feel [...]

Nieves thanks us with capital letters


I arrived at the Monastery of Las Avellanas, already at night, with an open heart to this second week of formation of the course "Marist Identity and Deepening". Silence, peace, harmony in that imposing building that welcomed a clean and starry sky like never before. Inside: Greetings, hugs, kisses, joy... for seeing us again, for being [...]

Mª Jesus reminds us that..


I would start by saying, THANK YOU, for the gift received, to be able to participate in these weeks of formation. I will focus on this last week. I was very excited and wanting to know the house and surroundings, they had spoken wonders to me and I have been able to confirm it. We already knew each other the group, and the meeting was warm and familiar. I emphasize, the [...]

Eva is one of the privileged people


The week of March 2 to 6 we continue with the formation course "Marist identity and deepening" in the monastery of Santa María de Bellpuig de las Avellanas. I am one of the privileged ones who is doing this course organized by the CME. As I said, this week we had to do it in this beautiful [...]

Rosa had mixed feelings...


When I was told at my school that I should go, it was several months in advance and from that moment I had mixed feelings, on the one hand, I did not want to leave my family, my home, but I also wanted to go and know new experiences and learn from others. I arrived on Sunday night together with [...]

Laura and her experience of sharing


With the uncertainty and nerves of not knowing what we would find or who we would be with during the week of formation, but wanting to collect the maximum information, we met in Xaudaró a group of secretaries and receptionists from different schools in the different Marist provinces of Spain. The week began with [...]

Nuria recovers the illusion


First of all, I would like to thank the Spanish Marist Conference and, above all, the Management Team of my school for the opportunity they have given me to live this great experience. Although at first the proposal to attend the course puzzled me because I considered that it was a training aimed at people with fewer years [...]

Lorraine... How lucky I am


During the week of February 3 to 7 I have been lucky enough to be able to share another week with this human team that makes it possible to return to Xaudaró is a real gift. We are in the second week of training and if the first was good, this has been better. No longer [...]